13.553 - 13.567 KHZ

      ( Calling frequency 13.555 USB )
Is very well for work this two bands in conjuntion at same time -is the dual band perfect, 27.555 USB and 13.555 USB .

Little wonder as it provides "first skip" distances of 600 Kilometer by day and 1.600 - 20.000 Kms and more at night,longer distances are regularly achieved with the use of very ordinary antennas and without the need for linears.

Low noise,world-wide daytime communication is commonplace even extending throughout the night during solar maximuns.

  21 Meter-13.555 KHZ is were real susceptibility to the 11 year solar cycle starts to show.

  During the sun-spot maxima the 21 Meter band supports good,solid,communications 24 hours per day.

This is an under development "free band" and try DX- HF free banders to occupy this new HF freeband window.

And were you can often pick up DX with some ( S.E.S. - Special Event Station ) or special DX activation,Dxpedition and RESEARCH SCIENTIFIC RADIO PROPAGATION  and INDUSTRIAL ANTENNA TESTS.

Check WWV on 15.000.00 KHZ- AM mode for propagation forecasts and the condition of the 21 Meter band is open.

Also if 20 Meter band is open it is always worth checking to see if 21 Meter-13.555 KHZ-USB calling frequency is open, and that includes MAKING A CALL, CQ21   CQ21   CQ21, 239 LA 0    239 LA 0    QRZ.

Go on,give a CQ again and maybe wake someone up !

21 Meter-13.555 KHZ is primarly interest of (LONG DISTANCE DX) particularly during the peak of the solar cycle when global communications is possible all day and night,maybe you encounter having some piece of rare DX call ( RARE DIVISION) this is typically a result of "sporadic E" or  F1 - F2 layer propagation,which is where large "slabs" of ionization drift around the "E" layer of the ionosphere permitting propagation out of an othrwise "dead band".

The causes are not fully understood and still the subject of considerable SCIENCE-RESEARCH, (INVESTIGACION CIENTIFICA SOBRE LA PROPAGACIÓN DE LAS ONDAS DE RADIO), your use efficient 21 Meter-13.555 KHZ antena and can provide lots of opportunities for DX fun contacts and interest derived form investigation-RESEARCH into the various propagation modes.

But remember,this is a 2010 year begin- world develop 21 Meter-13.555 KHZ band,and to ask you,inform and encouraged at other HF-freeband users for to use this band,CALL CQ,and try any DX contact but depend of the will-disposition of some operators owner of any HF radio equipment (TX-RX) capable of tune this band and with antenna tuner,you to be matching any HF BEAM, or antron 99.

Report any contact you made on 13.555 USB or CW- digital mode on the Chat & Dx cluster, www.freebanding.co.uk

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